Our Values

Our school website has been created by us, the pupils. We hope you find it useful.

At Troqueer Primary School we:

Care – for people, nature and artefacts in the local and global community.

Dream – big and work towards making our dreams come true now and in the future.

Believe – in ourselves and others around us by encouraging and motivating.

Achieve – in our learning by working hard and supporting each other to overcome challenges.

We always aim high and be the best that we can be. At our school, we are Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.  We achieve this by:

1.  Being:

Successful Learners who know how we learn best and know the next steps in our learning.

Independent thinkers who are curious to learn new ways to find things out.

Challenged in a place that gives us a sense of physical and emotional well-being where we feel safe, happy, cared for, included, valued and respected.

Knowledgeable about ‘Our Place’ in the world, and how we can change our own lives and influence the lives of others positively.

Skilled in our use of language and numeracy across all areas of learning.

2.  Developing and demonstrating our values:

Activity. We keep our brains and our bodies busy. (hard-working, effective, energetic, enthusiastic)

Perseverance. We keep going even when things are tough. (persistent, determined, resolute, devoted)

Responsibility. We show integrity at all times – we do the right thing. (dependable, conscientious, reliable, contribute, assertive, disciplined)

Focus. We give concentration and commitment to all that we do. (Concentrate, committed, motivated, prepared)

Creativity. We use our imagination to think about new ways to do things. (Imaginative, inspiring, resourceful, ingenious, innovative, ambitious)

Kindness. We think about others as well as ourselves. (thoughtful, considerate, caring, respectful)