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News report by Keir and Scarlett on Thursday 12th November 2020

Keir and Scarlett asked P3: "What have you been learning about?"
In Primary 3 we have been creating acrostic poems based on our emotions. We have written a Happy one and an Angry one. We thought about what makes us happy and angry and what happens to our body when we feel this way. We did lots of drama to act out these emotions and spoke about times in our life when we have felt like this.
We also finished off our Australia topic by writing a fact file about Koalas. We learnt how to draw a Koala and then researched them online. We learnt how to take notes and then created a fact file full of information about Koalas. There were many interesting facts and they are on display in our class.
Keir and Scarlett asked Rudi: "What have you been learning?"
The Happy poem made me feel happy and it was fun to write.
Keir and Scarlett asked Archie: "What would you like to say about your learning?"
The poems helped us to figure out our emotions.

News report by Todor and Ana on Monday 21st September 2020

Todor and Ana asked Primary 3: "What have you been learning?"
We have been reading a book called 'Can I build a another me' by Shinsuke Yoshitake. It is about a boy who tries to train a robot to act like him and do his chores. We thought about what we would teach a robot about ourselves. We thought about what we like and don't like, what we are good at and not so good at and the people who are important to us. We made a display about the book. We created trees which have information about ourselves on them.
Todor and Ana asked Autumn: "What have you been learning?"
The Sydney Opera house took 14 years to build. Luckily our collages didn't take that long"
Todor and Ana asked Oliver: "What have you been learning?"
The Opera house has a very sharp roof. It looks like it was hard to build. We had to work together to make our collages.