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News report by Anya and Kaiden on Thursday 12th November 2020

Anya and Kaiden asked P1/2: "What have you been learning?"
We have been learning about symmetry.
Anya and Kaiden asked Ani: "What have you been learning?"
We have been learning about the same thing on both sides.
Anya and Kaiden asked Tobi: "What have you been learning?"
got to be symmetrical!

News report by Naomi and Finlay M on Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Naomi and Finlay M asked P1/2: "What have you been learning?"
Primary 1/2 class have been learning lots since they returned to school! We have all been learning about friendships and how to behave in class and the playground to make sure we are all safe, respected and ready to learn. They have come up with some great rules and are trying their best to be the kind to everyone.

In addition to starting our work on number and phonics the class have also started a country study and are learning all about France. We have learned how to greet each other in french, we have talked about different French foods and learned the french names for some common foods, and we have made a beautiful display in the colours of the French flag. The children were surprised to find out that Disneyland Paris was in France, so we used this as the inspiration for some 3D art.
Naomi and Finlay M asked Jenson: "What have you been learning?"
I know how to say hello and how are you in French and I like saying it in the morning.
Naomi and Finlay M asked Clarke: "What have you been learning?"
Me and Harlem made a good rollercoaster and it had lots of ups and down and turny-bits. I liked all the colours we used on it.